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Working on my five-year plan, just need to choose a font.

Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be.

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Lay with me Cersei, I incest —Jaime Lannister, probably, at some point (via stupid-fucking-rope)

So, in fact … You-you mean…
I’m your… best…
Yeah, ’course you are. Course you’re my best friend.


This story has has reached it’s final chapter, and we have to say goodbye to a show that has made us laugh, cry, and fall in love with so many different characters. It’s been four seasons of vampire politics, werewolf scratches, blood magic, and doors to the afterlife. But everything must come to an end, so we must say farewell Being Human, and to Josh, Nora, Sally, and Aidan. Wherever the finale may take you, know that you were loved by hundreds of thousands and that you’ll be loved even after it’s over. We will all miss you, because you are just so, so awesome.

Being Human (US) [January 17, 2011 - April 7, 2014]

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